service-1Dock: 1,300 linear feet of bulkhead available to handle general cargo.
Inter-modal Transfer:(On Dock) Mobile cranes and fork-loaders are available for cargo transfer between warehouse and vessel.
service-2Inland Transport: Direct transfer of cargo from vessel to rail and truck is possible.



service-4DLS,LLC is located on a 25-acre facility at the Port of West St. Mary – Louisa, campus site. It is directly related to the oil and gas drilling industry. DLS,LLC, as a leader in inland marine construction services in Louisiana, provides such important services in offshore drilling as “ne pipeline construction, platform demolition, P&A support, dockside scrap removal, tugboat services, salvage operations, coil tubing support, pile driving, and barge rentals for various needs including spud barges, crane barges, and quarters (accommodations) barges. DLS,LLC facility is equipped with multiple dockside cranes for heavy equipment handling, and also contains a full service fabrication division.

  • DLS,LLC is a licensed contractor in the State of Louisiana.
  • 255 Terminal Lane Louisa, LA 70538
  • P.O. Box 309 Lydia, LA 70569
  • PH: (337) 924-7444


service-5Marine Turbine Technologies(MTT) is located on a 36,500 sq. ft. facility at the Port of West St. Mary – Louisa, campus site. The facility provides such services as “engine refurbishing, tooling, fabrication, machining, welding and production, carbon fiber molding, painting and finishing, electrical and mechanical engineering, computer aided drafting, digital control design center, dynamometer testing, turbine rotor balance, and all other production needs. MTT is a worldwide leader in turbine engine industry, by having completed more diverse, custom turbine engine installations than any other company in the world.

  • 298 Louisiana Road Franklin, LA 70538
  • PH: (337) 924-0298

Twin Brothers Marine

service-6Twin Brother Marine, LLC located at the Port of West St. Mary – Louisa, campus site is a major International Steel Fabricator of offshore deck and modules up to 10,000 tons and jackets for up to 800 ft. of water depth and a manufacturer of large diameter heavy wall tubular for use as pilings, caissons, pipe for resale, monopiles, suction piles, deck and jacket legs, conductor pipe, pressure vessels, separators, kilns, towers, etc. Twin Brothers Marine is capable of producing 30,000 tons of rolled and welded pipe annually. Lengths vary from 10 feet to 450 feet and longer.

    • Physical Address: Port of West St. Mary Hwy. 83 S. Louisa, LA 70538
    • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2426 Morgan City, LA 70381
    • Telephone: (337) 923-4981
    • Fax: (337) 923-4349

Office of Strategic Planning &Business Development
Mailing Address:1201 Brashear Avenue Suite 322 Morgan City, LA 70380

  • Telephone: (985) 384-9556
  • Fax: (985) 384-9557

J. Cameron Webster
David H. Webster

Port of West St. Mary Baldwin Campus :

  • 155 Gordy Lane
  • Baldwin, Louisiana 70514
  • Phone: (337) 828-3410

Blanchard Brothers, Inc:

service-3Blanchard Brothers, Inc was established in 2006. They produce and harvest sugar cane on 570 acres located at the Port of West St. Mary – Louisa, campus site.

Cajun  Broadband, LLC:

Cajun Broadband, LLC provides broadband services to rural customers who have been unable to access high speed internet and digital telephone services. Cajun Broadband is located at our Port of West St. Mary – Louisa, campus site.

SBA Communications:

service-3SBA Communications leases antenna space on our multi-tenant towers and other structures to a variety of wireless service providers under long-term lease contracts. In site development business, SBA offers wireless service providers and operators assistance in developing their own networks through site acquisition, zoning, construction and equipment installation. SBA is located at our Port of West St. Mary – Louisa, campus site.


Seafood is supplied by several fisheries at the Port of West St. Mary. They utilize the strategic location for harvesting their products. Shrimp, Crab, Soft Shell Crab, Crawfish, and Fish are all part of the development and economy of both the Port of West St. Mary and surrounding areas. These seafood suppliers are located at the Port of West St. Mary – Louisa, campus site.

  • Big “D” Seafood: 459 Alice B Road, Franklin, LA 70538 (337) 924-8115
  • Kim Son Seafood: 499 Alice B Road, P.O. Box 400, Louisa, LA 70569 (337) 923-6259
  • Queen Seafood, LLC: 397 Alice B Road, Louisa, LA 70538 (337) 923-0180
  • St. Mary Seafood: 155 Intracoastal Rd, Louisa, LA 70538 (337) -923-7607

*Docking and Fuel are also supplies for boaters and fishermen at Big “D” Seafood docking locations

Port of West St. Mary is home to a small Vietnamese Community and two of the fisheries services by the Port are Vietnamese owned: Kim Son Seafood and Queen Seafood.